Well, hello there!

thank you for coming here and checking who is behind the camera!

my name is Mirna and I am a photographer and creative mind behind the

daff o' dil photography.


I know you will have trouble pronouncing my name, but just imagine it is spelt like ''Meerna''. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you a bit about myself!

born and raised Croatian, living in Australia!

It has been my dream to live in Australia since I was 16.

It took a bit of time, a lot of travelling (30 countries visited so far!) and 

about ten years later,

I am finally here.

I love every bit of it, the sun, the heat, endless summer,

prawns big as my hand,

red dirt, animals and ocean!

about me
about me

the important section you don't want to skip!

if you are on the research mission for your next session or never had one before done professionally, let me tell you something - not every photographer is a perfect match for every client. There, I said it. I'll wait while you let it sink in.


Once you understand that, it will much easier to decide if I am the right photographer for you.


Every photographer out there has it's own style and craft they have been working on for years, and portfolio will give you a good idea of the session samples and the photographer's unique style. I am pretty proud of my own, and keep on working on my craft with every session.

In order to narrow down the niche and number or clients and to serve them in the best possible way, I take a limited amount of bookings, and give it my all!

With that said - I try to capture every session for each client exactly as they imagine, or even better they could have ever imagined themselves, and bring out what is special about them as individuals and unique people in this world!


Make sure you check my work and get in touch to create something great together!